At MSU you’ll be interviewed but then you’ll be on the other side of the glass. At radio at MSU you might be the Interviewer. You will go around campus asking and finding people to ask, you will ask about something in your area, Maybe a game etc. If you are interviewing you will be wearing headphones and talking into the mic. The person on the other side of the glass would be listening to what your saying and answer you. When you are the interviewer you will be asking the questions, also controlling the tone, pitch, and volume of the person who is answering your questions. Everything is plugged into the mixing board including music, the mic and the headphones. The mixing board is connected to the computer that shows all of the people speaking. Sometimes they will take cameras to games or shows and review then will post it to there website. The website is called mymetmedia.com. There is Brenden Mincheff who is the general manager. Also there is Ronan O’shea is the assistant director. Also being able to communicate is important. When you’re a reporter at MSU you might get ticket to go see a concert and you’ll get to go backstage and interview the band. To conclude you will have lots of fun at MSU radio.