An Experience at Youth Journalism Day

This picture shows that you shouldn't believe everything you see on a website or on a newspaper! Photo Credit: BBC

today’s experience at youth journalism day was amazing! breakfast was served then we entered in an office to wait for a guest speaker, then after a few minutes we were invited to listen to His speech. On the slide show it had a big title, on it was “fake news” He explained that fake news was used for “cyber bullying”. This is called cyber bullying because they say untruthful hurtful things about others and post it. Some examples are when people thought that Emma Gonz├ílez, tore up the constitution, Someone photo shopped Emma doing doing this, this is when people make a videos or pictures seem like it’s not.

but Emma was tearing up a gun target because there was a recent shooting that happened at a school, so Emma was upset about this. This was made into a short video of her ripping the gun target, but someone photo shopped it and made it seem like she was ripping the constitution. Because of this people thought that she hatted the American government. But some times fake news it not always that sometimes it is “click bait”, this is when people use catchy titles like “baby ducks drinks water for first time, you wont believe what they did!”. These types of click bait can have a viruses that can find your personal information, if they get these things it’s bad they can find were you live or your phone number this is a bad thing because they can find you and hurt you.

So it is important to stay safe on the internet and watch out on what you are clicking on, thank you for your time and curiosity,