Art at MSU

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Metropolitan State University of Denver has many pieces of art that revolve around one theme: Community.   Metropolitan State University’s Art professor Deanne Pytlinski met with me today to talk about the art pieces featured around its campus.  The art pieces shown were all either made by Alumni, Faculty or current students.  One of the artists, Rick Sargeant,  created a piece showing how water is a part of us and it is everywhere named One World, One Water. Another piece, called Reading Material is made up of unused textbooks from the classes held at M.S.U.  It looks like a miniature mountain range turned on its side made out of recycled paper. One very abstract piece, created by artist Craig Marshall Smith, was modeled after a painting by famous Italian artist Botticelli.  It looks like the artist had a ton of brushes and smeared paint on the canvas.  The name of the piece is Botticelli Pictures I. One additional piece, made by Alumni Brenda Labier, features pictures of everyday places that include a little abstraction.  One of her pictures looked like a brick wall with part of the wall elevated that made it look like a ramp.  Thanks to Deanne Pytlinski, Art professor at M.S.U., I was able to learn all about the art pieces around Metropolitan State University of Denver’s campus.