Climate Change:

Climate change is a life-threatening challenge that is coming rapidly.

Human activity is becoming a leading cause of climate change. The Earth’s temperature has risen 1.62 degrees F. since the late 19th century. Ice in the North and South poles are melting rapidly because of the increasing global temperatures.

The gas, Carbon Dioxide, is produced by humans driving cars, operating factories,  machines, and burning objects. Certain objects create more fumes because of what they are made up of when they are burned.

Satellites have noticed that snow coverage is shrinking on cold mountains. If the snow melts quicker, we will have shorter winters and much hotter summers. In places like Texas that are closer to sea level, they have hotter, more humid summers. The reason for their unusually hot summers is because the lower their elevation is, the closer they are to the gradually warming core of the Earth because of our carbon dioxide production.

“In about 20-30 years, we will be past the point of changing our impacts and won’t be able to turn back to a time when the air was clean.”-Dr. Jeff Loats, PH.D Nuclear Power Specialist.

Dr. Loats added: “Humans produce carbon dioxide by breathing, driving cars, operating machines,  factories, and by burning objects. The plants intake our Carbon Dioxide and use it to make energy for them. In that process the plants produce oxygen which we intake for the use of breathing. From then on the cycle continues in a whole gassy circle.”


Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.”

– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

For centuries, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have never been above this line.


According to a NASA specialist, Carbon Dioxide will never be completely gone because well, humans can’t help that we have to breathe. If we can make small changes such as riding a bike to work or school instead of driving a car, using natural energy sources that have less impact on the environment, and unplugging devices when they aren’t in use. Please remember to live green!

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