Climate Change


Climate change is a growing problem around the world, according to Jeff Loats Ph.D in Nuclear Physics 65% of U.S power is fossil fuels. 

Nuclear power plays a role in fighting climate change. Loats said that 5 paper clips of  nuclear power is equivalent to 33 pound block of coal. 

Most people know that burning anything creates CO2 but some may know that burning coal is very dangerous. On a danger scale Loats noted, nuclear power is a 1, wind is 1,500, solar is 4,400 and coal is 100,000. Some options for CO2 combating energy is nuclear, solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal. 

Loats prefers nuclear power because its better for the environment and people, he also thinks that nuclear power gets more negative responses than it deserves because of the scary times like the cold war and other nuclear related issues such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

We never run out of solar or wind power but they are both intermittent. Hydropower and geothermal are both firm but small and it would cost a lot to build power plants for them. Nuclear power is firm but it isn’t renewable and will run out eventually.

There is more attention being shown to not only climate change but energy sources that aren’t spewing carbon into the air. One the the solutions Loats suggested is the development of nuclear energy as one of the main power sources to curb climate change.