There are some of the best climbing experiences in Colorado such as Longs Peak, North Table Mountain climes.

The associate director of the campus recreation, Bryan Ferguson and Jordan Hidalgo, Fergusons assistant were interviewed for this article. There are many types of knots. Some of them are butterfly loop, bowline, double fisherman’s knot, and Retraced-figure-eight knot, Ferguson’s favorite. Some animals you can see when you are climbing are eagles, hawks, owls, elks, squirrels, bears, coyotes, bats, and mountain goats. The most interesting thing Ferguson saw while climbing was either an avalanche or watching rocks fall from the mountain. Hidalgo’s favorite mountain to climb is Longs Peak and also likes mountain nearing. Different ways of rock climbing are bouldering, top roping, solo climbing, and lead climbing. When climbing you should have climbing shoes and chalk. Rock climbing became a sport in England in the late 1880s. (Bloc climbing). When you are a beginner climber you should climb indoors. Rock climbing is a physical mental sport (Wikipedia). When you are rock climbing on an artificial rock wall there are smooth and rough rocks, the smooth rocks are harder to grab than the rough rocks. There are 400 indoor climbing facilities in the UK (block climbing).Rock climbing is a fun and active sport for you to do.