danger to humans


On the news we hear words like “climate change” and “global warming” and “nuclear” daily, and we know about them and that they are dangerous. We know about what we have done to our home and that we must make changes.

All good things to talk about, But we also do not want nuclear power plants near us. We were fed these worries and fears during times like the cold war,Fukushima ,and Chernobyl and stories of terrorists turning power plants to weapons.

It is understandable that due to those reasons we  are naturally a little frighten of living near a nuclear power plant. the sources of energy  we use to breathe, travel, cook , clean and warm up, can be deadly if not used safely.

People can contact a number of chronic sicknesses and be hospitalized and have a lower chance of living a quality life .   the cause is a gas known as carbon monoxide.

As even the smallest amount stays in the air for up to two months, it hurts people one by one and needs to stop, but how do we do it?

According to dr. Jeff loats ph.d in nuclear physics, “a simple way is to plant nuclear power plants!” Yes, the source of energy that has horrified us for years will save us.

The explination is that the plant does not let the carbon monoxide into the air, so it kills it in a way, also it was proven to be the safest use of energy in the world.

We all have been told that nuclear energy will harm us, but maybe it’s time for a change, to save our family, friends, and home, with a little help from each other.