Fake News Notes


Fake news is news that is made to make people look bad or show something bad. I think fake news is made to make people look bad. Clickbait is fake or unreasonable news that is trying to lure people to a person’s ad. ad revenue is when one person pays another person to have ads on their website. The fake video was made about Emma Gonzalez because people didn’t like the speech she said. They don’t like her saying no gun violence. They used the video of Emma Gonzalez tearing a gun target into her ripping the constitution. Oj Simpson is accused for killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. people thought Oj Simpson was evil so in TIME, they made his skin color darker to make him look eviler. There are lots of fake news about trump. The Kent State Massacre happened in 1970 when Ohio National Guards open fire on students for protesting about the Vietnam War. I one picture, someone removes a fence post behind Mary Ann Vecchio that makes it look like it comes out of her head.