Quinto Gelateria 

By the 9th napkin I was in love! Here is what I took 

away from Quinto Gelateria in Rome.


This cute little gelateria is located in a little side street off of a plaza in rome. There were so many flavors, good vibes and smiles going that it instantly made me feel at home. Quinto gelateria has been open for over a hundred years and through all of that time they have been serving up delicious homemade gelato. Before Nutella (one of the toppings they are famous for) was invented they made rice gelato which is made in a cauldron and can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to make! Being a chocoholic I really enjoyed there rich fudgy chocolate gelato with enough nutella and whipped cream to have me bouncing off the walls.  They don’t only serve chocolate though we also enjoyed there hazelnut, vanilla, banana and mint chocolate chip flavors but we all agreed the chocolate gelato was hands down the best we have ever had. It was so good in fact that my sister went on to only order that flavor for the rest of our trip! So when in rome… go to quinto gelateria!