Kayaking For Jordan Hidalgo and Bryan Ferguson


Jordan Hidalgo
Jordan Hidalgo is a young man that is very active with rock climbing, kayaking, and other sports. His favorite sport is kayaking. Hidalgo likes to kayak in clear creek, Golden and likes to go in the months of March, April, and May, (spring) is best for kayaking. Some creeks or rivers can reach the speed (water current) of up to 300-900 CFS when kayaking. A safety hazard when kayaking is rain, and lightning. Rain can create a flood, and lightning is attracted to water.

Bryan Ferguson “I’ve always been interested in kayaking.”
Bryan Ferguson is a bit older but still fit and active every day. He is too interested in kayaking and rock climbing. Ferguson has been kayaking for around twelve years, kayaking two years before he started teaching, then again, for ten years. According to Ferguson, he has reached fifteen to twenty MPH while kayaking around a rock which creates stronger current. A speed for some currents, he has experienced seven to nine MPH. He has kayaked down our famous Colorado River. Ferguson has also seen wildlife, ducks, swans, geese, etc. on land or riverbed.