Modern Art at MSU


Dr. Deanne Pytlinski is an art professor who works for the MSU. She has been working for the MSU for 17 years. Today she showed me all of the art at the University. One World One Water, a beautiful statue made by Rik Sargeant is just one of the many pieces of artwork that she showed me. It is an example of all of the places you can find water. Another piece of artwork she showed us is Reading Material made by Susan Porteous. The artwork is a great example of a style of art called origami.  She used paper from many different books, articles, music and much more. Passage, yet another piece of artwork is a collection of photographs taken by Tomiko Jones. She visited her grandmother in Hawaii when she was dying. That is when she took all of the photographs. Brenda LaBier is also a talented photographer who took some abstract pictures of various objects you could find anywhere in the world. The collection is called Architectural Abstracts.