Modern Day Yellow Journalism


Yellow journalism is journalism that is sensational or over exaggerated. Fake news, propaganda, and satire are all forms of yellow journalism.  Yellow journalism is characterized by having lots of color and graphics and it is usually told from the underdogs point of view. Yellow Journalism usually has outrageous headlines and consists of many hyperbole’s.

 Yellow Journalism still exists today. It hides under names like “fake news” or “click bait”. Keith Patterson, Associate Director at TPS Western Region said people have always used yellow journalism tactics, even during caveman times when many graphics were drawn on walls. People continue to use these tactics and many of  us are exposed to them everyday. YouTube videos are great examples. Many videos don’t quite live up to there titles or aren’t related at all.

Yellow Journalism can affect politics and possibly sway votes. Not all sources are trustworthy and they may have untrue information. Many websites start with a true story but sensationalize them. Here are some ways to make sure you are properly informed. Consider your source, are you using a reputable website? Research the author, are they credible, do they know anything about the topic? Finally, Read beyond the headline, what is the whole story?