Never Choose Fake News!


Don’t always trust the internet. Some things can be real, but some things are fake, which is called fake news. Fake news is something that is on the internet that lots of people think is real, although it actually isn’t. For example, think about Emma Gonz├ílez. If you don’t know who she is, she is a girl who got framed for something she didn’t do. During the time, there was a shooting in Parkland, where she went to school. She ripped up a gun target on video, because she was against the shooting and she wanted it to stop, but someone photoshopped the target to the U.S. Constitution. People were astounded by this, and they all thought that she hated America. But she didn’t, and soon everyone found out and everything was okay. Still, you shouldn’t always trust the internet. There are many more websites out there that are also fake.

Also, don’t trust clickbait. Clickbait is something that is like an ad that draws people in just by reading the title, or seeing the picture. You may have seen some while you are visiting a website. Usually they appear at the very bottom of the website, but you can find them really anywhere on you computer or phone. An example of clickbait is ‘This kid didn’t eat for a month! What happens next will blow your mind!’ There is usually a picture with the ad, and lots of people are drawn in that they end up clicking on it. Avoid clicking on them though, because it is usually fake news. Also, some people might add a virus into the site. A virus like, ‘If you want to know more, call this number!’ and then if people are interested, then they might call the number and end up with a virus. Another reason is if many people visit a clickbait website, then the publisher might request for some people to puts an ad in their website, so the publisher can earn money. Be careful with clickbait!

Well then, I hope you learned what fake news and clickbait is, and that you can’t always trust the internet.