Nuclear Energy and Climate Change


Climate change has been a topic of controversy worldwide, but nuclear energy just might be the answer to all of our problems. 

Nuclear power plants offer a safe, clean, and steady alternative to coal and natural gas, which are very dangerous and harmful to the environment.  Coal and natural gas release tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, while nuclear power releases very little Carbon Dioxide. Many people have fears of nuclear power because of natural disasters in the past, such as Chernobyl. Dr. Jeff Loats, ph.D, says that most of these fears are “ungrounded” and based on rumors. Nuclear power is actually much safer than coal, which is 100,000 times more dangerous. 

Nuclear Energy is also more efficient than coal. It takes thirty pounds of coal to power a house for a day, while it takes three paperclips of nuclear energy to power a house for the same amount of time. With global warming acting at an unacceptable rate, nuclear energy might be the way to go.