Podcast with Kids


Every summer at MSU, the Denver Post has Youth Journalism Day. It’s an opportunity for kids to get a chance to learn what it’s like to be a Journalist. The day begins with several Journalists describing what it’s like to be a journalist and how to be a journalist.  Jessica Taves (Photo teaser) is the first to share her information.  Then Dana Plewka, the Educational Services and Youth Content Manager, gives a full and clear introduction for the day ahead.

Mike Peterson, who works with Dana Plewka, gives information about the 5w’s and H (who, what, where, when, why, and how) and what makes a good journalist. He says it’s important to be curious, keep your eyes open, like people, think about your audience, and always bring important resources to take notes. He says it’s most important to do your homework.  It’s necessary to have questions prepared ahead of time so you are ready, in case you only have five minutes for the interview.

Each group of kids get to be part of a unique experience on campus as a Journalist.  One of the experiences this summer took place at the campus Media Center. This room has flashing lights everywhere and three different colored microphones hovering over a smooth, light brown table. Underneath each microphone, there is a pair of headphones. Three kids in this group got to sit in a chair at this table and place the headphones gently on their ears. Another kid sits behind a glass window in front of them and starts speaking into a microphone and asks them questions. They all took turns sitting behind the glass interviewing the other kids. Ronan O’shea, who is also a Journalist, records the kids while they are interviewing. Some of the questions asked were, “What is your name?”, “What is your favorite sport?”, and “What is your favorite memory this summer?”. The kids all thought it was very cool to be part of a podcast! Ronan O’shea found his love for podcasts by listening to a baseball game on the radio, which made him want to be a director and recorder of important events. He has spent several years working in both sports and media behind the microphone.

Youth Journalism Day is a great opportunity for kids to explore what it’s like to be a Journalist and experience something they may have never gotten to.