Revolutionary Radio Experience

Revolutionary Radio

You can explore so much through radio! Radio was one of the first for entertainment, people would turn to the radio to listen to music or a big game. Radio can fill you with delight or sadness. Radio is a way that people can know what’s going on in the world or what is going on around them. Radio is something we all know and listen to.

At Met Media offices people are working on computers and recording in radio booths. At Met Media college students can explore and talk about what they love on podcasts. They are able to play music, interview people, or just talk. A radio station is playing 24 hours a day, every day, so people can listen to it whenever they like.


You walk into one of the many rooms of Met Media office and you see several tools spread out across the room. MSU students use lots tools to help them make the podcasts. One of the many tools students use is a mixing board. A mixing board turns on mics, changes the volume on music, and numerous other things. Another tool that students use, is of course, mics and headphones. The headphone allow one person the hear the second person talking in the other room. Each radio booth is padded with foam on the walls to sound proof each room. Roman O’shea, the assistant director says, “ when recording your voice starts bouncing all over all the walls in the building. Have you ever been in a empty room where there is a echo? We don’t want that with radio, that would be really annoying for the audience. The foam absorbs your voice so it doesn’t provide a echo effect in here. “ .

When doing radio you can find that it can strengthen you communicating skills along with social skills. Radio can be a really fun activity along as a great learning experience. Radio  can bring so many people together and always will.