Rock Climbing

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Recently, associate director of campus recreation for Metropolitan State University of Denver,   Bryan Ferguson was interviewed. He revealed some helpful hints about rock climbing. When asked what his favorite place to go rock climbing was, he replied by saying it was Long Peaks in Golden. He also said he usually did traditional climbing, where you don’t use any ropes, you just climb. People also don’t go up very high when traditional climbing. They do this because there are no ropes to hold you up and if you fall you won’t hurt yourself. Sports climbing is another kind of climbing Bryan Ferguson does. Chances are, you’ve done it to. Sports climbing is the kind of climbing where there’s a system of ropes holding you up so if you fall you’ll come down safely. There are also a few more types of rock climbing. There’s Bouldering, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is literally just climbing a giant boulder. It’s like sports climbing, except you’re climbing using crevices in the rock. We have one last kind of climbing left. Free soloing is like free climbing, except you’re not using ropes. Another great place to rock climbing is North Cable Mountain, in Golden. Bryan Ferguson also has had some awe-inspiring moments while climbing, such as seeing an avalanche and a falling boulder. He claims to have seen both while rock climbing. He has also seen beautiful wildlife while rock climbing, such as eagles, hawks, bears, foxes, coyotes, mountain sheep and goats, and even bats! These animals are usually seen in Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks. If you’re ever out climbing, make sure to look for wildlife! Also, Bryan Ferguson said that weather can be completely unpredictable and the heights feel incredible. He said he loved being at the elevation. And to you junior climbers out there, indoor rock climbing is the best to start with. And if you’re looking for a huge place to climb, than Earthdrex, in  Denver CO. is just for you!

That is the end of the interview with Bryan Ferguson.