Imagine walking into a room seeing a 7-inch red caped black horn rubber duck. Or maybe a duck replica of Professor Snape from Harry Potter. Elizabeth Norberg, an office manager at Metropolitan State University\MSU, has a collection of over 140 rubber ducks.
Mrs. Norberg’s collection started after her daughter gave her four miniature rubber ducks that sit in small capsules on her desk. After the four little ducks, she kept on receiving rubber ducks from her students. When her students travel, they bring back rubber ducks for her as souvenirs, such as, a London guard, a Sherlock Holmes from London, and a Denmark Viking.
There was a 2-inch yellow duck with a black mohawk, a lime green guitar, and black sunglasses dressed up as a rockstar. There also was a duck that was designed as a white-furred lamb. The texture was rough and bumpy, and it was about 2 inches tall. As well as the other two ducks, there is a rainbow sprinkled, chocolate cupcake duck with a pink cherry on top. Another interesting duck was an alien duck, the alien was green with long oval eyes and space pants.
In memory of Elizabeth’s grandparents, she got a pink panther to replicate her grandmother because that was her favorite cartoon. In memory of her grandfather she has a USNA (United States Naval Academy) duck.
Made by Lena Drakos and Sydney Hoover