Social Justice at MSU


Throughout the years many groups have been subject to discrimination based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Many of the problems that they face are very prevalent on college campuses. At Metro State University there is one group that helps students GITA or The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy. Their mission as described in their website “ is to serve as a hub for transformative education, programming, and advocacy on issues of gender equity and social inclusion. We aim to provide academic and holistic support for students targeted by sexism and other intersecting oppression.”. We spoke to the head of GITA, Kat Martinez and she gave us a tour of the office.


 The building is completely decorated with empowering messages and has a relaxed safe aesthetic throughout. It has a completely stocked library called the Wetzel Toll library. It is named after the two members who founded GITA,  Meridith Wetzel and Tara Toll. Kat told us about the founders “. . . . Well 30 years ago we had Meridith W who was also advocating for feminism on our campus, and she decided that we really needed a gender studies program to teach people about the importance of feminism…”.  One interesting thing about their social justice cause was food justice. The program offers free food and snacks to any student who passes by. This was aimed at eliminating the lack of food for students who are hungry during the day.

The building also has private rooms that help college students to meditate, relax, and basically unwind. Along to offering that purpose it also allows mothers to breastfeed and pump in privacy.The rooms are very comforting and would be very helpful to the stressed out students who attend this college. The GITA program is very helpful program that is an advocate for minorities as well as offering services for students who just need help.