A view inside the hotel. This photo shows the stairs in the first floor.

Springhill Suites in Denver is not your average hotel—this hotel has many functions that turned a bland, empty hotel to a hotel that will give you a good night’s sleep.

About the Hotel

This hotel is one located in Downtown Denver, and is very close to the Pepsi Center, Elitch Gardens, Coors Field and many more attractions that will help you enjoy yourself all day! Springhill Suites is more than that though.

“This hotel is owned by the Metropolitan State University, (MSU Denver) where kids come here to learn jobs, such as being a hotel manager,” said Patty Burgener, an accountant manager that works in the hotel.

“We have 60 staff members.” She said.

She also said, “In my daily job, I come in at 6:00 AM, I talk with the staff to see if they’re doing okay and I count all the coins. I also make sure that the money on the computer matches the money we have in sales.”

Patty Bergener

The hotel earned $10,000,000 this year, and Patty earns $3,000 every month.

More About the MSU

MSU Denver plays an important role in this hotel, and the entire hotel might be very different if MSU weren’t here for this hotel! MSU also owns the Degree restaurant, where MSU students learn to be chefs!


Springhill Suites is a very educational hotel especially with  MSU Denver’s help. MSU Denver had a very creative idea to introduce students to their career!