Audio Adventure at Youth Journalism Day


What an amazing time for kids at Youth Journalism Day!  They had a blast going to the Audio Station at MSU and doing a lot of really fun and interesting stuff.  They got to learn about how they do commercial’s, interviewing, playing songs, and what they have to say on the radio.  It was super cool because the kids got to be on a station.  Youth Journalism Day is a fun and interesting day to learn about what it’s like to be a journalist.

While they were at the Audio Station they also got to learn about the mixing board, the microphones, and how big cameras video a national baseball game or any event that is on television.  In the Audio Station there are two rooms with a big glass window in between them.  In one of the rooms there is a mixing board with a lot of buttons, a microphone, one pair of headphones, and a computer to video the person talking on the radio.  In the other room on the other side of the glass window there are three microphones and three headphones.  The kids learned which buttons on the mixing board to push to be able to hear and talk to the kids in the other room.  It is kind of hard and takes a lot of practice to do all of this.  The basic stuff is to know what to say.  The kids had a great time interviewing each other and trying not to laugh!

This experience to be a person who talks on the radio can help kids decide if this is what they want to do as a job when they get older.  After a long and busy day all of the kids had a fun time at the Audio Station.



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