The art at MSU


Professor Deanne Pytlinski came to us and helped us with learning the different kinds of art the modern art, the old art, and abstract art. There’s a piece of art on the MSU campus called One World One Ocean and that means a lot of things, like a food chain and how the animals are connected to the world and the sea and the creator, Rik Sansent  is describing how the ocean connects  the world and the things on the world too. She also showed us to the SSB on the second floor where we saw more pieces of art. One piece of art is The Heart created by a student that graduated and has her own art gallery her name is Jessica VanHorne. The purpose of the art was not to use art supplies she used supplies at a hard ware store to make a unique type of art. The last piece of art is also in the SSB and the piece is called the passage. It talks about the artists grandmothers house after she passed away. She described that she was really close to her grandmother so she did art on her house.