The G.I.T.A At MSU

Photo credit: Margaux H

     All over the world there is discrimination and advocacy for Womens right. There is a specific place that is doing so much for this specific controversy in today’s world. The G.I.T.A at MSU is doing more than you know to help empower women’s rights throughout today’s society. Kat Martinez is the head of G.I.T.A., also known as the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy.

The gender institute is a new addition to the various options at the MSU campus. Kat Martinez shared a little about the background of this new department. She said, “The Gender Institute, this space that you’re in, is pretty new for us, but we’ve been on this campus as a department and program for over 30 years. We were started as a department, or there was a push to have our department by one person in particular, Meridith Wetzel was her name who was interested in the feminist movement. . . . Well 30 years ago we had Meridith W who was also advocating for feminism on our campus, and she decided that we really needed a gender studies program to teach people about the importance of feminism not just on campus, or in Denver, but across the world” (2:42).

The library in this department is called the Wetzel Toll Library after two of the founding members of the institute, Meridith Wetzel and Tara Toll, who moved on to being a chair in social services, or human services. The mission  of this department is to serve as a hub for transformative education, programming, and advocacy on issues of gender equity and social inclusion.

On the website of G.I.T.A it says, “We aim to provide academic and holistic support for students targeted by sexism and other intersecting oppressions. At GITA, we are committed to inclusive excellence in academic programming and services” (1). Not to mention that this department has a sound proof wellness room. Students can go in, scream, meditate or cry if they’re having a rough day. They have breast pumps for lactating mothers as well.

Kat Martinez made it very clear that the wellness of her students is very important. They go past the expectations of caring for their students along with providing the correct education that the students need and deserve. Conclusively, the G.I.T.A at MSU provides a very expansive department for the students at MSU.