Today an my strange experience last Tuesday


I will be writing about something I experienced today and a something i experienced last Tuesday.I learned many things today, and I will be writing about False News and Clickbait.False news is news that the internet magazines and or the paper of news inform you are correct even though the information is incorrect.False news usually has a misleading title. example:what doctors found in a woman’s stomach will blow your mind
Anyone would click on that, right?Well, usually the article has almost nothing to do with the headline. Sometimes it even leads you to an inappropriate site or inappropriate images.That is called Clickbait.

At the front desk, there were about 175 rubber ducks!I saw a lot of colors shapes sizes and features! There was a demonic duck who had three demonic baby ducks[Cary, Lary, and Gary] , but no-one knows who the father is .Maybe it is the unicorn?
Finally, the floating llama invited us inside and we got in a magical demon chariot of evilness😡Then we got attacked by a horde of zombies


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