A day at the Spring hill Suites

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There is an accountant named Ms. Patty Burgener. Her job is to count all the money and pay all the bills for the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott. She is nice, welcoming,and joyful. Ms.  Patty works there  five  days a week and get paid $3,000.  Ms. Patty works as an accountant even if she does not have a degree. Also she is the only accountant who works for the Spring Hill Suites. Ms. Patty said, “If I wasn’t working here I would be a chef.” Ms. Patty’s  favorite color is purple and her favorite animal is a dolphin.

At the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott  there are six  beautiful levels and 150 rooms that fit six people in  each  room. 60 people work in this hotel. The Spring Hill Suites by Marriott has a day shift and an overnight shift. The hotel makes about $10,000,000  a year. First, before you can work at the Spring Hill Suites, you have to take several  classes through Metropolitan State University of  Denver Hospitality Department.

Digital Camera


Spring Hill Suites is a beautiful hotel because of the fancy architecture and the people, since they’re kind.