Fly High with these Original WWII Planes!

Courtesy of Ian MacKenzie

Over the weekend, on July 12th through July 14th, original WWII planes and vehicles were on display at the Wings of Freedom tour at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport. 

Courtesy of Ian MacKenzie

During this event, visitors have the opportunity to look at the ground vehicles that were used and driven during WWII, walk through the B-17 Flying Fortress; a four-engine bomber, and the B-24 Liberator; also a bomber, aircraft on site, and even fly in some of the planes!

The Wings of Freedom tour is now over in Fort Collins and Loveland, but is next traveling to three places throughout Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana for the last few weeks of July. Can’t make it to those cities? The Wings of Freedom tour will continue from all of August until October.

Courtesy of Ian MacKenzie

It is a super cool experience, especially for WWII buffs and people who are interested in the history of the war. Some of the people who owned the vehicles, also had some original gear that was used during the war such as medic helmets and a stretcher, old snowshoes, rifles, tents and uniforms (some were even wearing the uniforms!). 

Courtesy of Ian MacKenzie

To walk through the plane or look at them up close costs $5 for kids and $15 for adults. At the airport in Fort Collins and Loveland, you had to pay at the gate, then you got to look at the aircrafts. Walking around and through the planes is self-guided.

The event was informative as well as fun experience to walk through the planes and imagine what it might have been like to actually fight out of the planes during the war and what the soldiers and pilots felt and experienced. Looking at the people in the uniforms and their gear was just astonishing because back then, the technology available is so much different than it is now.

The ground vehicles had CO license plates, so there may not be the exact same things to see in the different locations of the tour. There is more information on the tour website: