Land into the planetarium for this movie!


The moon landing was one of the most important events, if not the most important event in the past century. And seeing as it happened exactly half a century ago, the Colorado Nature and Science Museum has decided to celebrate with several planetarium and Imax films about the moon. The one we are focusing on, Imagine the Moon, is an approximately 30 minute long planetarium show about just how important the moon – and the moon landing – really is. In it, they feature amazing graphics and pictures of the moon, a collection of videos, animations, and theories about the moon, from today to centuries past. Also, there may just be a big surprise that you’ll just have to watch for, because, this mini-movie contains a whole new explanation of how the moon – and the Earth – were formed. This film really is very interesting, if you are interested in science, that is however, if you don’t care about the scientific explanation of how there is a giant rock in the sky, this planetarium film just isn’t for you. Along with that,if you are just a casual, ‘oh, that would be fun, even though I know very little about the moon’ type of person, either do a little bit of research, or bring a friend you can annoy if you don’t get the occasional reference to moon history. Although, it is nothing too bad, don’t let that hinder you in any way it is just an occasional reference, but for the most part, it is hard to even notice. Besides that, though, it is a great compilation of moon history, and an even better way to celebrate the moon landing’s fiftieth birthday. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science really hit it out of the Earth, it’ll rocket into popularity, and was altogether a blast!