Pop Pop Snotz, an Interesting Product


I was sent 42 Pop Pop Snotz capsules to try out. It was an interesting product. It was fun to play with and took around 2 hours to pop 42 sockets, showing that it has playability. On the downside, the slime was of poor quality.

When I first started playing with the slime, I quickly realized that it was very liquidy and hard to play with. This slime would stick to your hand and leave disgusting residue on whatever it touched. My sister, Hailey described the slime as sticky, watery, and weird. The purple and pink colors were slightly stiffer, improving the quality of the slime, but the green was nasty.

Something else that I noticed was that in many of the sockets you could already tell that there was a character in it. The point of the product was to sort through the slime and see if there was a character in it! Why would you get this item if you could already tell that there were characters were in it? It’s as if you bought a mystery box that had what was in it posted on the outside. The figurines were adorable. They were bouncy, rubbery things that were about as big as a fingernail. They were a bit of a choking hazard, but it was very unlikely that it would get into your mouth. Some of them included a Hulk-looking figure, a dragon in an egg, and a cute robo-cat.

I would give the Pop Pop Snotz a 3 out of 5 rating. Although the slime was not very good, it was fun to see what kind of figurine you would get. I would recommend this to younger children, from 6 – 10 years old.



  1. Wow, I was going to buy one of these but now I know that they are better for my brother. Thank you!

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