In my spring enrichment class at Bromwell Elementary School, Mapping our World, I learned how to make and read maps, use compasses and the most exciting part  was learning how to Geocache! Geocaching is using coordinates and a GPS to find a hidden container usually pretty small in a public place. My teacher took us to find our first geocache that was part of the Denver Public library series. This was a great first cache to get me interested to geocaching.

I was so excited about being part of this treasure hunt that I decided to have my mom download the app and we then went  geocaching as a family. The app is really easy to use. You can visit this great website to find out more information. We located our first cache pretty easily. Then we said “We Found It”, or maybe you would say “It Took a Long Time” You also can say  “I Didn’t Find It” this goes to the comments that people look at to help them to find all the caches they please.  I felt like I was suddenly let in on a huge secret that I was a member of a private club of adventures.

Since my first cache in May I found 15 more and even found some while I was on vacation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Even though I have found 17 there have been plenty of caches that we haven’t found and ones that have taken longer than others to locate. What is awesome is that if you are “stuck” on a cache  you  can just text the planter of the cache  (thru the app) and they will give you a hint. Sometimes the most satisfying caches are the ones that  you find in places you pass everyday and you had no idea it was there. The tools needed to geocache is a grown up to sign up on the geocache website and download the app. The premium upgrade which allows you to see all the caches is 30 dollars a year or 10 dollars for three months.