Arches National Park – truly amazing

Delicate Arch

Arches National Park is an amazing experience for all ages. I had never seen a rock arch in person in my life. When we went to Arches National Park, I looked out the window of the car the whole time with my two younger brothers. First, we hiked to the North Arch and got to climb on it. Then, we went to the South arch, and my dad took pictures of me and my brother in it. After that we hiked to the Double arch, an arch in a twisty canyon that connects to two arches! That arch was the 3rd biggest in the park.

Later that evening, we went up to Landscape arch, which is the largest in the park. They said that it used to be small until part of if collapsed about 20 years ago which caused sandstone to fall. The next day we hiked to the Delicate Arch, aka the most famous arch in the park. It is so famous because it stands by itself, right by a cliff (pictured). On this hike, you can see petroglyphs, which are Ute Native American paintings on a stone wall. Then, while we drove home through arches, we saw tons of balancing rocks, including the Three Gossips, which look like the three people gossiping. They look like three women who are gossiping, one fat, two skinny. We also saw the Fiery furnace, a crater full of tall, bumpy, rocks that are white on the top, orange in the middle, and red on the bottom, which resembles hots coals. All of these are accessible by short hikes so people from all ages can see them!

About a six hour drive from Denver, Arches National Park has 2000 sandstone arches each made by erosion from wind and water, and if you go there, you’ll never forget the experience.