Camp.Code has Many Good Opportunites


FAST Enterprises has been hosting a three week camp called “Camp.Code for Girls” that started on the 14th of July and ends on August 2nd. This program has been going on for three years and is only available in Colorado even though they are trying to expand to other states. The fact that it is only in Colorado doesn’t play a big role because some people in the camp this year are from other states and they can still participate. 

FAST created this program because they wanted to show girls that STEM related fields are not only for men and that a girl is just as capable to do these things as a boy. 

During the camp the girls participating do a variety of things. They have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers that teach them about STEM related things that they can do in the future and many other things. The participants also make many apps using Android Studio and the Java language. Some of these apps include a calculator, a tic – tac – toe game, a coin flipper, and the main project which is an inspiration board app. 

There is always a minimum of at least five instructors that are present to help you if you get stuck while you are coding or designing your app. Each week a new rotation of instructors, from one of the companies many worldwide locations, are at the camp but each one is open to suggestions and they implement them as soon as they can and as cliche as it sounds they really do want every camper to enjoy the camp and will do what they can to do so. 

Some campers for past years also come to the camp to help the new campers. They know a lot about computer science now and they have used it in their lives outside of this camp. Some use it now in their schools because they learned that they have an interest in this field. 

On one day of the camp, a field trip to the Colorado School of Mines was held. Once they were there they listened and participated in a presentation and some activities. After that they had the opportunity to get a tour of the campus.

If you know that something in the STEM path appeals to you then you might want to consider going to this camp because you will get hands on experience. There are limited spots available for this camp, so if this sounds interesting to any girls that are going to be entering the 9th grade in 2020, keep your eye out for the application that comes out during the time that you start registering for your classes next year.