Newest Kicks’ Book is a Success


“Switching Goals,” by Alex Morgan is a fun read. 

The story begins with Devin, who plays for the Kentville Kangaroos, the “Kicks” for short. She moved from Connecticut to California in the first book. She met Jessi, Emma, Frida, and Zoe while playing for the Kicks. 

Frida, the actress, has an audition for a commercial. Convinced Devin is her good luck charm, she brings her along. While waiting for Frida, Devin gets asked to be a model! Her mom agrees, and Devin begins her modeling gig.

The first few ones go alright, but some go haywire! Meanwhile, all Devin’s friends are obsessing over a future-telling app. When fortunes start coming true, Devin is forced to think about her future too. Should she be a model or a soccer player? And what should she do about her friend’s sweet sixteen, the one she really wants to go to, but can’t convince her mom about her flying out to Connecticut? 

The pressure of the future is on in this short story about soccer, friends, and the unexpected future. 

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the plot twists and the soccer parts of the story. I would suggest this to friends or family members who are into soccer. I love this series, and this newest book didn’t fall short. The series is super fun, innocent, and perfect for all ages. The low suspense makes it ideal for younger readers, but it is also great for older readers because Devin is in 7th grade. This book is a really fun read for soccer fans.