New Movie Racing to the Top!!!


The Art of Racing in the Rain is a poetic and well done movie, capturing the hearts of any audience. It is about a dog’s(voiced by Kevin Costner) life, and his owner, Denny’s (Milo Ventimiglia) life of racing, love, and racing through hardship for that love. Of course, as with any movie about dogs, this is an emotional and sad film. However, they did a good job making you sad , but not so much that you feel as though they are toying with your emotions. This is the definition of bittersweet, equally happy and sad, a true masterpiece. Also, it feels as though the movie deserves the name the Art of Racing in the Rain, for it feels as though Mozart just wrote it, or Da Vinci just painted it. It is woven together, comprehensive, and connected seamlessly, from one part to the next. However, some things to look out for include themes of death, sickness, and hardship. Along with that, there are some spiritual ideas and concepts, in which you may not agree with. For instance, they believe that death isn’t the end, and spirits go somewhere else. One example is that certain dogs are believed to come back as humans, and although they never say exactly what happens to humans, you can come to assume that something similar happens to them. There is also the occasional part in which a child would have some trouble understanding, but there are few and far between. Also, there is one part in which some children might not be okay with seeing in which the dog, Enzo, has a hallucination in which a stuffed animal zebra comes to life and tears up not only himself, but several other stuffed animals. However, it isn’t anything too bad, and should only be a concern if it is a young child with a very large imagination watching. Besides these few hiccups, the movie is a very reasonable length of 1 hour, 45 minutes, and uses all of it to its fullest potential. This movie has an engaging plot, and doesn’t get boring really at all, and can communicate with viewers of almost all ages and backgrounds. This movie has a high chance of making you cheer, laugh, and cry. This emotional usage- not too much, as earlier stated- really makes you connect with the story and characters in such a more complete way. There are also these lessons about life throughout that was not only thought provoking and good advice, but all themed around racing. One of these quotes (and this is paraphrased) is “A driver never looks back at the track behind, but at the next turn ahead.” which is so thoughtful, not only true, and this little kernels of wisdom, tied with a bow of racing, is one of the things that really just sets this movie apart, and makes it so impressive. This is one of the movies that you could debate about, theorize about, and admire for ages. This, in my honest opinion, may be in the top 3 of all dog movies. It is candy for the soul, motivation for mind, and causes cleansing tears for the body.