Angry Birds 2 Exceeds My Expectations


“Angry Birds 2,” the sequel to “Angry Birds” is a funny, family-friendly movie.

Angry Birds, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride), are still at war with the Pigs. After the attack in the last movie, the war continues. 

The Pigs and the Birds have been in somewhat of a prank war with each other. But, when Leonard (Bill Hader) and the other pigs start seeing ice balls coming from a newly discovered island, they request to work with the Birds to save their islands from destruction. 

Red is reluctant to accept the truce, because he is afraid that in working as a team, he won’t be considered the hero anymore, and no one will like him. But, with some convincing, Red assembles a team: Chuck, Silver (Rachel Bloom), Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage), Leonard, Courtney (Awkwafina) and Garry (Sterling K. Brown). Together, they work on getting into the third island and destroying the secret weapon that could possibly destroy them. 

This newest Angry Birds movie, “Angry Birds 2” exceeded my expectations in many ways. 

First of all, the Pigs and the Birds came to a truce in the first five minutes. This had them working together on a common mission, to destroy the plot of Zeta (Leslie Jones) who wants to make the two islands into one vacation paradise. I don’t feel like Zeta was actually evil per se, unlike the first movie. This made the movie all the better. 

Also, this movie had a message at the end of it, unlike the first movie. Even though there was a message, this did not interfere with the humor of the movie. I really liked the added plot, because it gave the movie both depth and a silly storyline.

This movie did not lack humor. After watching the first movie, I was concerned that it would not live up to its first movie, but instead it got funnier! 

One feature that I enjoyed was that there was a side story about the hatchlings and their adventures to save their unhatched siblings from drifting off after a beach incident. This made it feel like you were watching two movies instead of one. This also added to the plot of the movie.  

This is an incredible movie that had the whole theater laughing. Angry Bird fans will be raving over the new additions and surprises of this movie. Go get yourself a ticket now, and enjoy this hysterical movie that the whole family will enjoy.