The Hyperstrike is AWESOME!! I was given the toy Hypersrike by Zing to review. It sells on Amazon for about $30. It is a kid bow and arrow. The toy was entertaining to play with and you can ́t really get bored.

The toy was fun because you could shoot the bow and arrow however far you want it depending on how hard you pull back on the bow. This was a big difference between the nerf guns that rule our neighborhood. The kids on my street were very curious about the toy, and ready to play war.

When I first tried to play with the Hyperstrike, the arrow did not go far. I learned quickly that I was not experienced with using a bow and arrow. Later when I tried, the arrow went further than I expected, about 100 to 150 feet. After a few tries, the arrow went farther than 200 feet! Cool! And the arrow makes a whistle sound when shot far. I learned to make it go farther, to pull the bow back as far as I could. The only bad thing with shooting it really far is that you have no idea where it might land. In my case, the arrow got stuck in my neighbor’s tall apple tree.

To really enjoy this toy, it is very important to learn how to point the arrow and how much to pull back on the bow. My younger sibling, Helena, age 7, didn’t like the toy as much because she wasn’t able to point and pull the bow very easy. Her arrows landed on the ground really close to her feet. This is probably why the recommended age for this toy is 14 and up. However, I just turned 10, and I LOVED the toy!

I would rate the Hyperstrike 4.9 out of 5 because I loved everything except losing an arrow to a tree. This is a great toy to use against the neighborhood kids!