Hiking For All Types


These days we’re stuck in the age of technology, between phones, computers, and more. So cut loose, enjoy great views, beautiful wildlife, and the fresh smell of nature, on the Jean Lunning Loop Trail

Being in Colorado we’re all blessed to have wildlife and nature at the tips of our fingers, with the National Parks calling for us to come to hike, bike, explore, and more. We are also blessed to have the 15th best National Park in the United States, out of the current 61 National Parks scattered among the states, which is just yet another reason why we should all take advantage of these amazing opportunity, and get out there! 

I for one personally love hiking, which is why my mom and I love exploring around Rocky Mountain National Park. Recently, we came across a hiking trail called the ‘Jean Lunning Loop Trail’ and after some research decided it would be great day hike. The 2.8 mile loop trail is located in Rocky Mountain National Park in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, and is a fairly easy hike between the well kept trails, and bits of boardwalks to help cross marshy sections. Along the trail you get a glimpse of Long Lake; which is the lake hikers loop around, beautiful wildflowers, and the magnificent mountains that are still often dusted with snow.

I loved this hike because of the beautiful wildlife and amazing views it gives off. The trail is ranked easy, which is why I believe it would be great for anyone whos up for it. There are a few small river crossings along the trail as well, which all feed into the lake Long Lake, which you often see and walk around while on the hike. Bikes and horses are a no while on the trail, but nevertheless our furry friends are allowed, and from experience, it’s a blast for dogs as well.

So what are you waiting for? Disconnect from the internet for a while, pull away from the stress of reality, and take a break on an easy hike for all types.