Tennis Rules the World


Imagine that you were given a chance to do everything you dreamed of, but doing so might let your family down. This is the problem that twelve-year-old Legacy Petrin faces when she is offered a spot in one of High Consul Silla’s tennis tournaments. Legacy and the Queen, created by Kobe Bryant and written by Annie Matthew, captures your imagination every step of the way.

When Legacy finds out that she is eligible for one of Silla’s tennis tournaments, she cannot resist going. The prize money is enough to pay her best friend’s college tuition, as well as keep her father’s orphanage up and running. However, her father forbids her from going and orders her to stay and help with the rest of the children. She goes anyway, because how much harm can one little tennis tournament do?

 Legacy is from one of the provinces, so she is constantly belittled by city people from the beginning. She is just as good at tennis as any city dweller, and works as hard, if not harder. So good, in fact, that the reigning champion tries to sabotage her chances of winning the tournament and Queen Silla’s favor.

  The novel is extremely well written. The narration describes everything to the point that you can almost see the flying horses or the rundown orphanage. The magic this novel uses is very well thought out and it is obvious that Matthew put in a lot of effort. I liked the pacing of the book, but felt that the ending was a little rushed.

Legacy and the Queen is a powerful tale of living up to your full potential despite what everyone tells you. In addition to that, this book gives the message of being yourself, and that pretending to be someone you aren’t can have disastrous consequences. I would recommend this book for ages 8-14 and rate it 9 out of 10 because of character growth, underlying message, and a captivating plot. All in all, this book is definitely worth a read.