Art you looking for some fun?


Paintings, pottery, pendants, and more!!
This year’s Stanley Arts Festival had 30 to 40 very talented artists, hand-picked just for this one two-day art fair.
All the artists were friendly, and willing to sell most, if not all, of their pieces.
In fact, selling art is the main source of money for many of them, so visitors got to see plenty of good art, and support the artists.
There were a few things I wish had been different, such as how the tents’ categories were rather scattered, so that, if you were looking for something in particular, say animal paintings, you would have to search through a large part of the festival to find one of the three tents with animal paintings.
However, this was a mild inconvenience, and I wish there had been more exhibitors, though this would also make the quality significantly drop.

But as I mentioned earlier, all the artists were friendly, and some had cool stories: The artists in first tent I visited, Anne London and Jim Hart, had a fascinating story about how they go to Africa once or twice a year, to teach underprivileged students.
They made incredible animal paintings, primarily of the African animals they see twice a year, and you should go check out their website, Their program is incredible!

And they were one of many, there was also Drew Storm and his great wood craftings (Find him by searching Switchwood!), Alan Potter and his ceramics, Vincent Fink and his cubist style (just search for Vincent Fink) and many more.
The artists were all very friendly and with a casual event like this, that’s the kind of people you want.
Overall, I thought it was a great event, and would recommend it next year to just about anyone who appreciates art.
Going to art festivals is a great pastime, and I would definitely recommend it!