A New Park for All!


A New Park for All!

On August 24th, a Grand Opening was held celebrating a new update to the Red-Tailed Hawk Park. This new park is designed for both able-bodied children and children with disabilities. Through many personal donations, Make-A-Wish Foundation, City of Aurora, and the Arapahoe County Open Space Grant, the Aurora Rotary Club and the City of Aurora were able to work together to build a playground for all children.

This park is the first inclusive park in the city of Aurora. The Aurora Rotary Club raised over $263,000 coming from multiple sponsors. 

There aren’t tons of places where disabled children can play with able-bodied children, or just play at all. This new park celebrates all children being able to play together. The park has many incredible features.

At the entrance is an arch that has sensors. When you walk in or out, it plays a melody for you to enjoy. If you look past that, you can see a gated swing, behind it’s gate is a swing that children in wheelchairs can just slide into, wheelchair and all!

There is also another set of swings beside it. One has a swinging saucer, and the other has two swings for handicapped and other children to swing on. They also have a carousel for all children to enjoy. There are two regular slides, and a slide for handicapped children. A tunnel for handicapped children is also included. 

Next, something that was probably the main attraction was the “zip lines.” There was one for each type of child. One for handicapped children, and one for able-bodied children. They both consisted of long orange poles supported by more poles. One had a little seat to sit on while you wrap your legs around the rope, and the other had a seat with straps for handicapped children. They both looked extremely intimidating! However, riding them was a blast! I only tried one of them, but the other seemed just as fast.

The new inclusive Red-Tailed Hawk Park is an incredible place for children 5-12 (although I felt it is geared more towards younger kids) to spend their day. Come and enjoy this incredible park, and make sure to bring a handicapped friend or family member to enjoy it with you!

This park was inspired by Ashaun’s wish, a little boy who has been handicapped since age two.