All the Impossible Things


Ruby “Red” Byrd is on the move again, she is ok with that since this foster family didn’t quite fit her either; none of them have. Part of her is not that disappointed or surprised because whatever home she is dragged to is just temporary till she is reunited with her mom who is waiting her release from prison.

Taking place in Denver and eastern Colorado All The Impossible Things by Lindsay Lackey tells the story of a girl bounced from one foster home to another until she lands with quirky older couple the Grooves. The Grooves really are unique they have their own petting zoo! Part of Red would like to get comfortable with them but knowing that they are just temporary keeps Red from fully diving in to life with them, her new school and a classmate that genuinely wants to be her friend. An added complication is that Red has magical storm powers, she can feel storms rise within her and outwardly manifest them.

On Tuesday September 3rd I attended the book launch for All The Impossible things at Second Star to The Right bookstore. Lindsay Lackey was at the front of the room being interviewed by one of the store’s owners and fellow author about all things “Impossible”. Lindsey talked about how she has had the story for the book for many years and the multi year process she needed to get the story down and to be brave and send it in to people in the publishing community for feedback. While she doesn’t personally have adoption or foster care (which are main themes in the book) as part of her background she feels close to the subject since her aunt and uncle who she lived near to fostered kids on a regular basis. She interviewed them extensively to make the character Red as authentic as possible. Lackey is already working on her second book which also takes place in Colorado (Colorado Springs) and also includes plenty of magic. She does not have plans for a sequel to All The Impossible Things…yet.