Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits


Have you ever skydived, ice climbed or white water kayaked? If you have not, then you are in for a treat! On the third floor of the Museum of Nature and Science you will find the Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits exhibit (it is hard to miss as there are banners all around and it is bright orange). The exhibit was made in Canada but was Coloradoized to make it more relatable to us. For example, there are many posters and interactive displays about Coloradoans doing extreme sports.  As soon as you enter you know it will be fun, the only way to enter is to walk across a slackline, bridge or fallen log. The exhibit is divided into “zones” that include extreme sports on rocks, in the air, on snow and ice, in the water and on land (other than on rocks). There are many interactive displays that talk about extreme sports such as a rock climbing wall, virtual reality skiing and wingsuit jumping and other interactive displays that help you learn about the sports, including such topics as what can happen if you injure yourself, how long free divers can hold their breath, how a wingsuit works and what the word extreme means. The exhibit is very family friendly as there are activities for all ages such as the aforementioned rock wall for teens and adults and one for younger beginners. There is also a Ninja Nation course and a parkour course for the little ones. There are not just those activities that are family friendly, but there are many other games and parts of the exhibits that are good for all ages. Two things I thought were cool were, first, a test that told you how willing you are to engage in extreme sports and, second, the Ninja Nation course (not to brag but I currently hold the record at 19 seconds). Now, there are many things at the exhibit that I didn’t mention that are worth seeing and all the other exhibits in the museum are cool, too!