A Cute Toy, But For Younger Kids


Ritzy Rollerz are cute little cars with charms to decorate with. They are adorable, but not exactly entertaining for older kids.

The second that I first saw the Ritzy Rollers set, the Dance N Dazzle Spa, my first reaction was to gasp. It was way more than I expected. The set is a big unicorn car that opens up to show a spa. If you press the button on the hair of the unicorn, it plays a song and lights up. It also comes with the Ritzy Rollerz car. I got Tori Tada, a unicorn. The set comes with lots of charms and some surprise charms in Tori’s “booty trunk.” It even comes with stickers to decorate the floors, slides, and walls.

Even though there are a lot of charms, there were empty spaces for more charms. The charms are really small, but have incredible detail. However, I can’t say the same about some of the layout. 

The bathtub, for one really struggles to stay in. That was super annoying. Also, a big problem is that because the door has a spinning stool, it prevents the doors from closing up unless you take the mirror out and lay it on the floor. It’s the same story with the bathtub. You have to angle it in order to get the doors to shut. This really disappointed me because every time you open it back up, you have to arrange everything again. 

After the assembly, I tried playing with the toy. It didn’t really entertain me for more than five minutes, which was a bummer seeing how cute it was. 

So, I tried it with my younger cousin. She absolutely loved it! The only part she really knew how to work was the bathtub and the brush, but after I showed her how to do a little more, she really liked it. 

I think that this is a super cute toy with lots of very detailed parts to it, but is much better for younger kids. I think this would be a really fun gift to give, and a super fun gift to get.