Historically Accurate, But Boring


Although a good movie, if you don’t like “Downtown Abbey”, grew tired of the show before the end of its six seasons, or have never seen “Downtown Abbey” then this movie isn’t for you. However, if none of those statements are true to you this movie will be one you’ll love. The movie picked up on the storyline from the T.V. show that ended in 2012. It takes place in Yorkshire, England during the early 1900s. The movie included historically accurate costumes, an engaging storyline, and lively, well-developed characters.  

The movie begins when the residents and staff of Downtown Abbey are informed that the Queen(Geraldine James) and King(Simon Jones) will be visiting for a parade and dinner.  Leading up to the King and Queen’s visit everyone at Downtown Abbey goes into a full-on frenzy to make the house look perfect. During this time the staff stir-up drama between one another and gossip about the upcoming visit and the residents of the house. After the arrival of the King and Queen, the staff is upset, and the residents of Downton Abbey are overwhelmed with trying to be perfect for the King and Queen. 

However, the King and Queen coming is about as much action that happens throughout the movie aside from them having to go out in the middle of the night and set up chairs for the parade. Aside from the lack of action it also took almost an hour, the movie is only two hours long, for anything other than the staff’s gossip to happen. In the end, only about 45 minutes of the movie’s two-hour runtime was actually entertaining and engaging. 

Another flaw of the movie was that due to the dullness of the plot there wasn’t nearly enough plot to go around for the whole cast. Due to this much of the movie merely felt like “empty calories” and just time fillers. 

If you’re looking for a good action-packed movie then this is not it, but if you’re a “Downtown Abbey” fan and have been longing for a continuation of the show since it ends in 2012 then this is for you. Also, this movie does contain some mature content so be cautious of taking younger kids to the movie.