This book isn’t likely to burnout!


This is a fast-paced, fiery, and emotional book. Written by J.C. Cervantes (with an association to Rick Riordan Presents, an organization that supports up-and-coming writers with a culture that is less heard of in modern literature), and the second in the series, The Storm Runner, The Fire Keeper was very entertaining. Rick Riordian left his fingerprints everywhere, from demigods to comedic characters and ‘bad guys’ that you can feel for. This time, the focus is Maya religion, including selfish gods, shapeshifters, magicians, and … mud people? The mythology is sometimes just as good and rich as the story, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I would suggest this book almost as much as people who want the story. As I said before, this is the second book in The Storm Runner series, and I thought was much more entertaining. The first book kinda dragged along, but the second one made me wonder how 200 pages and 2 hours of my life had suddenly disappeared. The #1 let down at the end… was that it was the end. However, the character development in both books was just amazing and makes the typical children’s book black-and-white characters seem boring. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this for children around 9 or younger, because of book-length (around 400 pages for both books), violence and violent ideas, the lack of black-and-white characters (may confuse children), demons, self-centered gods, romantic concepts, and an all-around fast-paced storyline that could be hard to follow. However, anyone above 9 or so probably shouldn’t have any issues with this book, seeing as it is all fairly mild. They also, at the end of the first book, suggest the reader is a godborn (demigod) and so parents should probably prepare for that, just in case. Although, as I’ve mentioned, this is about mythology with gods, demons, etc., so if you are strongly religious, you may find this book offensive. Also, there were a few parts that weren’t super clear, just as to what they meant or something that happened that wasn’t incredibly clear and kinda glazed over. Also, it shows that people with disabilities are just as good as anybody else, since, according to this, all godborns (demigods) have a disability and it is the source of their power (Ex: one leg shorter than the other, sudden sleep-like-trances induced by stress, etc.). I must admit, the covers aren’t my favorite. I don’t really know why besides the fact that they look cluttered, but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around them. But, of course, this affects the actual book in no way and is just a personal preference. But honestly, it was very hard to come up with negatives for this book, not because they aren’t there, but because besides the ones I mentioned, they are too minor anyway, so I can’t really comment on it. I found this book just really good, and most Rick Riordan fans would probably agree with me. Overall, this book was gripping, heart-felt, and will leave you wanting so much more. Add this book to your reading list, because it is incredibly done and so much fun!