A Fun and Effective Makeup Kit


Be-YOU-Tology is a super fun way to make and apply your own makeup. 

The pack that I got, the Luke Cosmetic Bar, comes with a cosmetic bar, 72 pigment pearls, lip gloss tubes, 6 lip gloss containers, compact case, 6 eyeshadow wells, dropper bottle, makeup applicator, makeup brush, compression tool, mixing bowl, spoon, spatula, 3 stylist color mixing cards, and an instruction sheet. 

The first step (after assembling the cosmetic bar) is to pour the pigment pearls in the top of the cosmetic bar. For each color, there are three pearls that don’t fit in the tubes on the cosmetic bar, and are the ones that are protected by the top cover. I did this, and had no concerns about it, until the next morning. I went to open the lid, just to see how messy itwas, and I found the three pearls of each color, crushed. I was very disappointed because I could have had three extra pearls in each color. So, I would suggest saving the extra pigment pearls and putting them back in when there is space.

Making the lipgloss was easy if you read the instructions well, but because I didn’t, my first two were awful. However, the third time turned out very well. The eyeshadow turned out to be a lot easier, because I learned from my mistake and read very carefully. They both turned out super well.

An awesome part about this kit is that because of the large amount of supplies, I was able to invite 2 friends over, and the only thing we didn’t have even amounts of were the eyeshadow. However, with three people and only one mixing bowl, it took longer than expected. It still went well, and we were all proud. 

This was a super fun project, and there was enough that I was able to make it with friends, which made it even better. I wasn’t sure how it would look on my face, but it turned out great! This was all around fun, but requires wet wipes or a wet rag to clean off the tools! I would for sure suggest getting or gifting this cool kit.