Haunted Field Of Screams will give a scare!


The Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton is THE place to get scared! With four different attractions to visit, it’s hard to get bored. (THFOS) The Haunted Field of Screams is perfect for middle school kids and up or date nights. Or, like myself a 5th grader, if you always crave a thrill. THFOS has been open for 19 years, and it is located on a 40 acre corn field. The attractions will not open  until 6, but it also has to be dark out. The scream park season runs from the end of September through November 2, Thursday through Sunday are the days you can go. I would recommend going on a Thursday or Sunday because if you go on any other day then you could be waiting in line for up to two hours per attraction. 

The haunted field of screams has four attractions. Some information about the attractions is that Zombie Paintball Massacre is the best to start with, next is Carnevil, then Dead Man’s Maze, and the scariest of all, Condemned. You might have a different opinion if you are scared of clowns or being lost in the dark. 

Zombie Paintball Massacre is the least scariest event because you get to shoot zombies behind a fence. My favorite part about this attraction was that the actors treated our group like soldiers in the army in an end of the world situation. If you love to shoot things, then you could buy extra paint balls for $4. If you do not want to shoot paint balls at all, then you could still enjoy the haunted hayride.

Carnevil is the second least scariest one because the same clowns kept showing up. You would expect the clowns  pop out of something. If you already saw a clown then the next time you see him you will already know what he is going to do. There was a couple “houses” in the corn field filled with clowns.  My favorite part about Carnevil is that our group did not see Chucky.

Dead Man’s Maze is an awesome attraction because there were a lot of actors and lasers in the houses. Throughout the maze our group saw some actors that were in movies like Pig man in nancy drew and a nun from the nun. In the 35 acre corn maze actors appeared and disappeared. Our group got lost and made a circle so the actor had to give us a clue.

Condemned is the scariest of all. Basically condemned is all you fears in one. There is an asylum, a graveyard, a deadly school bus with people trapped on it. In condemned our group had to hold hands because otherwise we would get separated. My favorite thing about Condemned was that they asked for names so if you said yours the actors would stick to it.

All the attractions together cost $45. In my opinion it is definitely worth it.