Youthbiz, a Wonderful Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs


Youthbiz, an event hosted by the Young Americans Center for Financial Education, was a wonderful experience. It was an opportunity to see young peoples that had succeeded in making their own business and hear about what helped them, what the most difficult part of running a business was, etc.

Any child that started a business was able to apply for the award, but only 3 people in each age category (6-11, 12-15, and 16-21) were able to actually win the money to help kickstart their business.

Ryders Riches was the winner in the 6-11 category. Ryder Matz has a traveling gumball machine. He would like to evolve his business into other gumball machines and even vending machines. His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to always follow your dreams. Learn more about his business at

Her Designs had success selling rosette clips and accessories. As the winner in the 12-15 section of the awards, Hannah Reyes handmakes all of her designs. Reyes started her business in 2014 when she was only 8 years old after deciding it was time to turn her passion into a business. Purchase and see her works at

Finally, in the 16-21 category, Yard Boyz won because of the huge success in Jack Fleming’s business. His business does general landscaping around his area; mostly lawn mowing. His success last year was so great that he is hoping to make $50k this year! Fleming loves working in his business and especially likes marketing and sales. If you would like to contact him to see if he is in your area, his business email address is

But these weren’t the only finalists. There were two other finalists per category. Here is a list of them all, with a little information on them, and their websites.

6-11 category:

Tuff’s Chickens: Tuff Glassman has been selling eggs, homegrown fruits/vegetables, and lemonade since he was 3 and has continued to do so for years until he was 6 years old!

Lightner Designs: Hayden Hopkins loves running her business. She draws original artwork and copies them onto cards. She wants other youth entrepreneurs to know to never give up.

12-15 category:

Gabe’s Bazaar: When Gabe Nagel realized that he could turn his hobby of making natural skincare products into money, he knew he had to take a grasp at the chance. So he did and created a very successful business that evolved over 5 years into Gabe’s Bazaar.

Sewing with Smiles: Maile McManis was cleaning out the basement when she found her mother’s old sewing machine. She wanted to take lessons on how to make reusable bags to express her creative side. McManis made a business when she realized she loved sewing enough to make it work (she does not have a website).

16-21 category:

The Teen Entrepreneur: Shouken Lopez made 400+ dollars a day off of eBay-and decided to turn that success into even more success! He created a workshop that you can take to make your own money. He estimates people will get 1000$ or more a month after taking his class.

Thanks Brand: Owen Johnson and Sam Reilly wanted to start a business that donated to charities that they personally chose, such as and charities that support rainforest preservation. They sell t-shirts with their brand name on it to do so and just say thanks to mother nature.

The Young Americans Center for Financial Education ran the gala where these amazing entrepreneurs were giving prizes. The organization is the only bank in America that allows those that aren’t adults to create bank accounts. It also goes around to different schools throughout Colorado and some of the surrounding states and educates children on banking and dealing with money.

Overall this event was definitely worth the time and was a marvelous opportunity!