A Swirl of Ocean


“A Swirl of Ocean” was a great, very detailed book by Melissa Sarno about Summer’s life and how she was found on a beach when she was 2 years old.

Summer does not remember her real parents are. She was found by Lindy, who comes to be the one who adopted her and who cares for her.

As the story goes on, we start to learn about Turtle Lady and a girl named Tink and how her story unfolds every night when Summer goes to sleep.

There was so much detail put into this book, that almost everyone can relate to all of the characters. There are slight mysteries though not too much like a Nancy Drew book.

This book has everything from funny characters, mysteries, and even awkward situations and it’s filled with characterization, family and friends. I would really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about friends and slight mysteries.

Melissa Sarno, the author, did a wonderful job on this book and if you read and enjoy this book, then I recommend reading her other novel, “Just Under the Clouds”.