The Doodle Bear


The Doodle Bear is a creation that I feel was boring, but was a big hit for my younger family members. 

The Doodle Bear came with three different colored markers; blue, purple and orange. The colors were all darker shades, and the limited colors meant that there was less room for imagination. 

The bear itself was a really bright and happy bear. It had a cute cupcake apron and a baking mitt, so you could tell that it was a baker. The bear had white outlines on it, that I tried to trace. I used the purple, and after I traced it, I filled it in. It was a muffin, but because of the color it looked like the bear had a bruise. After that, I decided I was done with it and decided to wash it. 

The wash was actually successful, and the bear turned out perfectly. I researched a little and found the app, which I actually found to be very boring and much better for little kids. This was a surprise because on the back of the box it showed older kids using the app. 

My three year old cousin came over to try the bear out, and it totally failed. After about one tiny scribble, she was done. But, after dinner when all the adults were cleaning up, coloring on the bear seemed like a much better idea than coloring on a piece of paper. Silently, she actually colored all over the bear, which was a big surprise after how awfully the test run went. 

Something that I do think may be confusing for kids about the bear is that they are allowed to draw on it, but not other bears or stuffies. I do think that if you buy this for a kid, you may want to go over this with them first. 

Even though this toy wasn’t successful for me, this is a great tool for kids when you have a long wait, but not if there are other things to do.