Interview With Raina Telgemeier


Graphic artist and the author Raina Telgemeier is a talented adult who has written many popular books such as Smile, Sisters, Drama, Ghosts, the Babysitters Club graphic series, and her latest book, Guts. Most of you probably know her as Raina, the main character of Smile, Sisters, and Guts; her three autobiographies. She has won several awards, because of the amazing stories that she has put into the world. Today, I was given the privilege to interview her, and she was quite a friendly person. Here are some important answers that I got with her. 

When Raina was younger, she says that her parents always encouraged her to keep drawing for them, which helped her to be the writer she is today. “I had creative parents, and there were always books inside our house. When I started drawing and writing, my parents would encourage me to keep doing it, and if they thought something was funny, they told me. If they didn’t get it, they would also tell me.”  As some of you may know, she wrote the bestselling book smile. When asked, she says that this was her most memorable experience. “Probably the time when I knocked out my two front adult teeth.” She started out writing when she was ten years old, with her diary. “I liked keeping my diary, and writing funny stories about my day in it, and I just decided that maybe people might read my stories.” While she was working part-time as another on the Babysitters club graphic series, she also worked at a book publisher and manufacture the books that other people had created..“I used to work at a book publisher, and make books in the factory. I think that helped me to become the writer I am today.” She has two siblings, named Amara and Will, who she enjoys the company of. In her favorite novel that she wrote, it tells about some of the differences that she and Amara have on a long road trip. “I liked writing Sisters, the book about Amara and I, the most.” It’s a bit funny because in this book Amara and Raina fought a lot, but she still likes it the most. Three words that describe her are: “Empathetic, observant, and thoughtful… I would probably say thoughtful because it to me so long to think of this word!” Lastly, one of these objects that she always has in her purse is something that every writer needs for drawing. She found a chapstick and a sharpie inside her purse, and the sharpie is a big hint that she loves to use it for drawing cartoons.  

She also talked about her newest books, Guts, and how it helped by getting her story out in a book. This new book is about her experience in 4th and 5th grade when she always felt sick. It turns out she had sensitive bowel syndrome, and her anxiety was making it even worse. She talks about all these things her new books, and how to be strong in the toughest times.

Overall, she gave me interesting answers that helped me learn more about her and kept the conversation rolling along nicely. She was an understanding person, with a story to tell. She has told them thought her amazing books, that open up amazing tales of her past. She may be a big celebrity to children but the truth is, she is just like us! Hopefully, she will come to Denver again.